Horseback Riding Cusco - Half Day

This is a marvelous tour horseback riding through the nearby ruins of Cusco with terrific views. Trotting to the magnificent archeological sites and looking upon the extrodinary surrounding mountains and sublime panoramic vistas. Rest assured you will have a wonderful time riding about the enormous archeological site feeling the calmness of the environment.

Additional Info

  • Duration: Half day
  • Locations: Cusco Machu Picchu
  • Rating: 4
  • Category: Adventure
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimun Required: 02 Passengers
  • Itinerary:

    For lovers of horseback riding, a mounted excursion through the ruins surrounding Cusco is the perfect way to appreciate the majesty of the Inca sites. The marvelous ruins of Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay can be explored on horseback.

    We just drive 15 minutes from cusco to get qenqo where our ranch is. where we start riding passing many incan archaelogical sites like templo of the moon the zone x and some more sites such as:

    Saysayhuaman: is a Quechua-word and means 'satisfied falcon'. Experience the impressive Incan architecture of the ancient fortress and temple at the archeological park of Sacsayhuaman. This is the greatest and most wondrous Work that the Incas built as a demonstration of their majesty and power. Its grandeur is impossible to imagine for those who have never seen it“.

    Qenqo: Is a very special place in the Andean world, this temple was used by ancient Peruvians to communicate with other deities. This is certainly a place of intense energy. This complex is comprised of two sectors which have been called by the name of Qenqo Grande and Chico, both distinguished by the care taken in the carving of the stones which rose this construction, which seems to suggest the great importance of this sanctuary during the Inca empire.

     Puca Pucara: "The red fortress”. This site was assumedly one of the many tambos that he Incas had along their roads as rest stops, watch-over points and control stations. Tambos were also used as weapons storage and military support for strategic purposes. There the soldiers of the mighty Empire were taken care of during their campaigns. Along the way from Cusco to the Sacred Valley, from this semicircular construction, where walls, stairs, rooms and niches are to be admired, all the surrounding areas were perfectly controlled.

    Tambomachay: The archaeological site of Tambomachay is located about 8 km north of the city of Cuzco, in the southern Peruvian highlands and 400 meters down the road from Puca Pucara is the site of Tambomachay, a water sanctuary with fresh water springs. At he foot of a mountain, the remains of this Inca, is extended over four terraces, where water was worshipped. On an Inca wall that has trapezoid-shaped niches and doors crystal clear water from a subterranean stream runs through a canal in a basin. For the Incas water was a sacred element of life and a symbol of purity of soul. All the Inca rites were preceded by a cleaning ceremony.

    Also this itinerary you can visit during the City tour.


  • Services Included:

    Services Included:

    • Bilingual guide (English/Spanish).
    • Horses and mule handler.
    • Transfers and ground transportation in private vehicles.
    • Tours listed on the program: Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay and Puca Pucara.
    • BTG - Multi-site entrance ticket to visit the ruins near to Cusco.
    • Horseman.
    • Horses, well cared.
    • First-aid kit.

    Services NOT Included:

    • Any expenses incurred in preparing for the trip, such as, but not limited to, non-refundable airline tickets or travel insurance, nor additional expenses encountered as a result of flight schedule changes, delays, strikes, cancellations, missed connections, acts of God or war.
    • Hotel in Cusco.
    • Alcoholic drinks.
    • Gratuities.


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