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TrekPeru prides itself in helping the underprivileged community schools in the highlands of Peru such as Pisac, Qosqoayllu, Taray, Sillacancha, and Harin where we have spent two years renovating the schools, garden care, building new facilities, supplying school materials, photo copy machines, and computers for the children..Every year it is our mission to pick a different community school to help… Most of all we share Christmas with these humble communities by taking them a gift, panettone (sweet bread), hot chocolate and share joy and laughter with them. It feels heavenly to open up our hearts to these lovely people especially to see the beautiful children smile.
We have Students that come from abroad to share their time with our communities in Peru.
You can volunteer in conjunction with a trek or tour in Peru with us. Contact us for more information on how you can contribute and make a difference: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

March 2011 and 2012 - Matinga School
Our staff at Trekperu started working with the Matinga School close to Pisac in 2011 by making renovations and painting their school and supplying them with necessary school supplies. Then in 2012 we invited the students from the Calgary School in Canada to support us in building the bathrooms and dining facility for the school. The Calgary Students donated school materials and a photo copy machine to the school. They also had time to play with the children and share many laughs. Everyone intermingled together and had a blast. Trekperu and the Matinga School are grateful for their support and generosity.

December 16th, 2011 - Christmas in Huallacocha and Patacancha

Trekperu visited the small communities of Huallacocha and Patacancha to take toys for the children, gifts for the families and sweet bread for everyone. The beautiful people in these communities gathered together to share smiles and a joyous time. They were very happy and made us feel welcomed. We were together like a family feeling the warmth in their hearts.
Trekperu and staff are grateful to have brought a very Merry Christmas to these communities.

March 2011 - Sicllacancha School (close to Huallabamba in the Sacred Valley). With the help of our wonderful volunteers from the West Island School in Canada we helped dreams come true for the children and community. With much enthusiasm the volunteers painted the classrooms and the entire school, made repairs to the roofs, floors, kitchen, bathrooms and the garden. While doing all of these repairs the volunteers still had time to visit Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. They worked and interacted with the students by playing games, playing soccer and volley ball. Everyone had a grand time. Thank you for your help and hard work.

Christmas 2010 - We visited the communities of Patacancha and Taray in the Sacred Valley for Christmas to give them Paneton (sweet bread), hot chocolate and gifts for the children. We interacted and shared precious time with the people in the community. We were happy to bring joy to the people of these communities. They were full of smiles and that made us all grateful to be able to be part of these communties.

Finally, we went to Cuyo Chico, close to the Pisac ruins to take gifts such as chocolate and Paneton (sweet bread) to the children of this community.

We would like to thank the communities and their representatives: Aquilino, Enrique, Flor y Crisologo Becerra. They were responsible for coordinating and organizing these visits to the communities. They gave us a lot of attention and a lot of affection and we are very grateful to them.

March 2010 - Return to Qosqoayllu School (San Salvador, south of Cusco) to complete repairs. With the help of the volunteers from the West Island School of Canada we built a kitchen so the mothers can cook for the students and also built a guard house to provide security for the school. Everyone had a great time interacting with the students. Once again we accomplished our goals with the help of the volunteers from Canada. Thank you.

In 2009 we helped another School in Qosqoayllu (San Salvador, south of Cusco) which had bigger necessities. We built bathrooms for the girls and boys, repaired their classrooms that were falling apart, and fixed their gardens. Our goal was accomplished. The students from Canada tought the peruvian students to maintain all the green areas and to be aware of their importance.

Director: Yoli Cusiyupanqui
Cell phone: 51-54-984143256

December 18, 2009, we were very happy to go to Huayllarcococha, a little town north east of Cusco. This place is the hometown of our porters that work for our Agency Trekperu. We provided approximately 200 hot chocolate and presents for their children.

December 2009, we also helped the Casa Josefina Orfanage located in Cusco. This is a very special house because they offer a home to children who are abandoned, orphaned or in a crisis.

As of today, there are 6 children and two with very special needs: down syndrome, heart defect and spinal bifida.

Osman Gutierrez (Mission to the world)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell phone: 51-84-984651568

On Christmas 2008 we visited the community of Mancura- Chosecani-Canchura and Ttio (south of Cusco) to give them “chocolatada” which is hot chocolate milk, special sweet bread prepared for this occasion and presents.

In 2007 we did community services at “Harin” and “Taray” Schools both located in the Sacred Valley. They received part of the global help, building beatifull gardens around their schools, where all the students and teachers participated. They have also received their first 5 new computers creating Computer Classrooms. Some of the cash was given to the Main Directors to help provide snacks during the recreational breaks of the 142 studens for 2 months.


Director: Jorge Cabrera
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Director: Juan de DiosSotomayor"Taray"
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